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6 alarming bells of depression that should not be ignored

About the “mental chewing gum”, sharp jumps in weight, a decrease in concentration and other possible signs of depression, which are important to notice in time.

“I have depression” – although many of us have said this, in most cases the depression turned out to be a mild spleen: it was worth cries, talk in their souls or sleep, as everything passed.

Meanwhile, more than a quarter of American adults diagnose real depression: a mental disorder affecting all spheres of life. Experts believe that by 2020 the situation will deteriorate: all over the world depression will take second place in the list of causes of disability, immediately after coronary heart disease.

She covers one with her head: pronounced symptoms make them eventually seek help from a specialist. Others do not even suspect the severity of their condition: the symptoms in which it manifests itself is so elusive.

“Reduced mood and loss of the ability to enjoy are far from the only signs of this ailment,” explains psychiatrist John Dviv from the University of the University of Rush. – It is a mistake to think that a person must be sad and cry for any reason – some, on the contrary, experience anger or do not feel anything at all. ”.

“One symptom is not a reason to make a diagnosis, but a combination of several signs can talk about depression, especially if they do not pass for a long time,” said Holly Schwartz, a psychiatrist, and professor of the University of Pittsburgh Medicine of Medicine.

1. Change in sleep mode

Perhaps you could sleep for a day before, but now not. Or before you had enough 6 hours of sleep, and now there are few days off to get enough sleep. Schwartz is sure that such changes can talk about depression: “Dream is what helps us function normally. During sleep, a patient with depression cannot have a rest and restore strength. “.

“In addition, some experience psychomotor excitement, which causes anxiety and inability to relax,” adds Joseph Calabris, professor of psychiatry and director of the mood for studying mood disorders in the university clinic at the Cleveland Medical Center.

In a word, if you experience sleep problems, this is an occasion to see a doctor.

2. Tangled thoughts

“The clarity and sequence of thinking, the ability to focus – what you should pay attention to,” explains the foreclose. – It happens that it is difficult for a person even for half an hour to keep

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attention on the book or television. Forgetfulness, slow thinking, inability to make a decision – anxious signals “.

3.”Mental chewing gum”

Again and again think about certain situations, scroll through the same thoughts in your head? It seems that you have fallen into a trap of negative thoughts and look at neutral facts in a negative way. This can lead to depression or extend the depressive episode that has already happened to you.

Studies show that people who are obsessed with obsessive thoughts usually seek support from others, but each time they get it less and less.

A little reflection will not hurt anyone, but chewing the “mental chewing gum” makes you completely concentrate on itself, constantly return in conversations to the same topic that sooner or later it bothers friends and loved ones. And when they turn away from us, our self -esteem falls, which can lead to a new wave of depression.

4. Sharp fluctuations in weight

Weight jumps can be one of the signs of depression. Someone starts to overeat, someone completely loses interest in food: Friends Friends cease to be pleasure. Depression affects the areas of the brain responsible for receiving pleasure and control appetite. Changes in food habits are often accompanied by fatigue: when we eat less, we get less energy.

5. Lack of emotions

They noticed that one of your acquaintances, previously sociable, passionate about work, spending a lot of time with family and friends, suddenly pulled away from all this? It is possible that this person has depression. Insulation, rejection of social contacts is one of the most obvious signs of depression. Another symptom is a dull emotional reaction to what is happening. It is not difficult to notice such changes in a person: the muscles of the face become less active, the facial expressions are changing.

6. Health problems for no apparent reason

Depression can cause many “inexplicable” health problems: headache, digestive disorders, back pain. “Such a pain is quite real, patients often make complaints about the doctor, but the diagnosis of“ depression ”is never made by them,” said the foreclosure.

The same chemicals moving along certain nervous paths are responsible for pain and depression, and ultimately the depression can change the susceptibility of the brain to pain. In addition, it, as well as increased pressure or high cholesterol, can contribute to the development of heart disease.

What to do with it

Noted several signs described above or all six at once? Do not postpone the visit to the doctor. The good news is that even if you have depression, you can handle it together. It is treated with medicines, psychotherapy, but the most effective combination of these two approaches. The main thing is that you need to know – you should not suffer only anymore. Help is nearby.

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